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● Cosmetic design                                    Motor  design
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Weijie  | ODM/OEM Cooperation

With independent intellectual property rights,
the world's leading electric toothbrush technology
10 years ODM/OEM and production experience in personal care industry, the products have been exported to U.S.,Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia, etc.
Long-term partners of many well-known brands at home and abroad. One-stop service

Cosmetic Design                                    Motor Design

Structure Design                                    Circuit Scheme Design

Anchor-free Tufting Technology


Company Profile

Aiwejay is an integrated-service provider and manufacturer of electric toothbrush design, research, production and after-service, and can provide one-stop service of ODM/OEM to the branding companies, importers, distributors and wholesalers, etc.

Aiwejay aims to bring our customers high-quality personal care products and services with innovative technology, independent R&D ability and more excellent oral-care solution from the view of the industrial aesthetic design. The products have been honored with more than 10 patents and global certificates like FCC, FDA, CE, RoHS and PSE etc.

Aiwejay values the research and design of products, quality management, standard manufacturing management process, strict quality control and completed after-service system, which will provide better products to our customers, and also hope to create a better future with customers abroad and at home.

Aiwejay,  Your Ideal Electric Toothbrush Partner
—— Develop the product you want most with the shortest time and the least cost ——
Existing product cooperation
More than 30 private molds LOGO customization Color customization Timely delivery
New Product Development/ODM——————————

Cosmetic design Structure design Circuit scheme design Scheme customization

Production according to sample/OEM
Standardized production management process Strict quality control system Perfect after-sales service system
Electronic commerce authorization Gift Customization Channel special supply Enterprise procurement
Brand channel cooperation
    4  Core Competences
               —— Make Aiwejay a reliable partner for your electric toothbrush ——

1. R&D Ability

- Independent Research & Design ability

- Leading core technoloy in the world

Electrical Circuit Scheme Design

Motor design and production

Anchor-free Tufting Technology

2. Design Ability
- Self-owned design team,  
- Quick response

Cosmetic Design
Structure Design Brush Head Design
3.Production capacity
- Advanced production equipment  
- standardized management process

Production capacity: 500,000 units/month
Guaranteed delivery time
4. Quality Assurance
- Advanced international quality management standards - Perfect after-sales service guarantee system

23 inspection procedures 100% inspection before delivery
    Patent Technology & Authorized Certification
           Provide Exclusive and Private Service for you on Electric Toothbrush

UW-01 Utility Model Patent
Industrial Design Patent for   Sonic Toothbrush
Industrial Design Patent for      Sonic Toothbrush
Industrial Design Patent for Charger Base
       ISO Certificate
IPX7 Waterproof Report
7 Reasons to Choose Us

Focus on
Electric Toothbrush
Achieved multiple patents and international
Fine accessories Preferred
Professional manufacturing and standardization
Ten years concentration build up the professional industry;
ISO 9001:2015 certified

Independent R&D ability;
World's leading Technology on Electric Toothbrush
Quality supply chain
Product quality is guaranteed.
Prompt and Timely Delivery
technical consultation
and market support
Achieve the Overtaking
timely after-sales service
Customers Reassured
One-stop service
Customized for you;
Better Products created

Powerful Design & Development Strength
—— Ensure that each product has technical,quality,and cost advantages ——
Motor R&D, design and production
Electronic function solution
Magnetic suspension motor
Automatic motor winding machine
Structural design
International leading hair planting technology
Patent No: 201920663842.3
Strong power,low noise,long life
Reliable quality
Scientific workmanship
Exquisite appearance
Long service life
Hardware and software writing

Industry-leading Bluetooth APP solution
Copper-free hot melt tufting brush head
Automatic tufting machine
Sanding cutting machine
Cooperation Cases
Long-term cooperation with many well-known brands at home and abroad
—— Electric toothbrush manufacturer, tailored one-stop service ——

First batch size: two colors per style, 10K Models : existing 1 style Communication:  on site Sampling : on site sample selection Logistics: Sea + Air
First batch : 2 styles 2 colors 25K
Content: two models
Communication: Telephone + Email
Sampling: select and sent by courier
Logistics mode: Sea

European Brand Customers Cooperation:  Production according
            to sample /OEM
A cross-border E-commerce company
Cooperation: Existing Models
North America Brand Customers Cooperation: ODM
Brand company in China Cooperation: OEM production
First batch: two models, 30K  
content: customized two models
Communication: email + Skype
Sampling Method: by courier
Logistics mode: Sea transportation
First batch size: 2 styles 2 colors 50 K Custom content: existing 2 styles Communication: On-site communication + telephone Sampling Method: On-site Sample Selection Logistics: Inland Trucking
ODM cooperation process
—— Let Weijie Smart become your reliable electric toothbrush partner ——
1. Consultation - Initial Contact
 Seller: Company Profile, R&D design, Production Capacity and Quality  Buyer: Product Development Purpose, Market Positioning, Quantity Demand
2. Cooperation Intention
 Technology: appearance, structure, function, material  Commerce: business terms, delivery time, inspection criteria, etc..
3.Product design
 Industrial design (15 days),  Structure design (20 days),
 Electrical design (25 days),  Function development (25 days)
5. Production sample confirmation
· Pilot Run  (20 days) · Trial-production · Mass production (45 days)
6. Quality inspection
· Inspection of finished products · Reliability testing · Full Batch Inspection · Sampling Inspection
7. Payment and Delivery    
    Customer Inspection
    Payment Arrangement
4. Mould making and Pilot Run
  T0 test mould
   T1 production sample test
OEM Cooperation Process
  —— Weijie Smart is your most reliable and most convenient electric toothbrush supplier ——

1. Consultation - Initial Contact

Seller: Company profile, Capacity and Quality Buyer: Quantity, Delivery Time

2. Contract Signing

Technology: Function, Material
and Technology
Business: Business terms, delivery time, inspection criteria

3. Sample production

Mass production (30- 45 days)

4. Quality inspection

· Inspection of finished products
· Reliability testing
· Full Batch Inspection
· Sampling inspection

5. Payment and Delivery

· Customer Inspection
· Payment Arrangement
· Shipment

Image of Factory
—— The products are exported to The globe, with monthly shipments of 500,000 pieces, and factory area: 6000 ㎡ ——
Passed the "ISO9001", "SGS" and other certifications, the products have passed a number of international certification and domestic CMA quality testing certification.
More professional services and more competitive products provided to customers, More innovative and better experience to provided to consumers.
Motor production equipment
Anchor-free Tufting machine
Fully automated workshop
The aging test machine
Assembly Line
Production line
Laboratory test equipment
Media and Exhibition

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